Loving Soulfully

Published Oct. 2012

This is a book about Love.
But not love as we think it should be. 

This is a book about soul mates, romance, marriage, adultery, relationships, heartbreak, cheating and sexuality.
But not as we have been led to think and believe. 

This is a book of poetry.
But not poetry that expresses flowery sentimental verse. It is a powerful message delivered through poetic prose that resonates with a knowing that lies deep within all of us. 

This is a book that Rumi, Hafiz or Gibran might have written if they were to show us how to transform our relationships into ecstatic, soulful adventures. 

Loving Soulfully is a refreshing, enlightening conversation with the Essence of Love. The author asks Love to reveal Her secrets and mysteries. 

Love challenges the present concepts of romantic love that have given rise to heartbreak and loss. She shows us how to become a fearless, soulful lover and experience...

...a Love that does not hurt, does not betray and does not die... 

...a Love that is not based on lack, possessiveness or fear... 

...a Love that is expansive, free and empowering... 

...a Love that is truly Divine.

Reviews from

"What a beautifully written anthem of the many faces of love. Mr. Juneja's soul transmits the truth of love in its many forms, with poetry and compassion, yet with a precision that speaks directly to the heart. It is a must read for those who are exploring how love can be in their life, in its most magnificent way." — Carla

"I had luxury of a brief private reading by Rohit at an event recently. The excerpt he chose to read touched me to my core. The beauty and truth of his words were loving and profound. Thank you, Rohit, for this gift." — Jude 

"This book is a heartfelt, poetic, truthful and moving account of what's possible in the realm of loving relationships. Rohit's clarity and evolutionary ideas left me with a feeling of expansiveness. I wanted to take my love and widen my circle of relating. The photographs seem to be infused with light. His words feel pulled from a divine mind. Everyone should read this book. The world would be a better place for it."         — Carol

"A MUST READ!!! "Loving Soulfully" by Rohit Juneja profoundly touched my Heart and reminded me of my own LOVE ESSENCE. At times I catch myself not remembering who I really am at my core...... and this book, ohhh, it's MAGIC HEART REconnection!!! This book is PURE LOVE!!! Everyone - Read it, Read it!! ♥ " — Selma Patricia

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Why Are People Calling Rohit "A Modern-Day Rumi"

Joe Stumpf, the founder of "By Referral Only" and author of "Willing Warrior: Unleashing The Secret Power of Kokoro," introduced Rohit Juneja as "A Modern-Day Rumi" during a recent conference in San Diego. In this video, Rohit, the author of "Loving Soulfully," speaks about the events that led to creating this amazing book. He reads excerpts and explains why he lived in a tent for two months while writing it; why he believes that we need a spiritual paradigm of love instead of the present dysfunctional romantic love story we have bought into; why we need to romance ourselves before trying to love another; and why peace of mind, surrender and change are essential to lasting love.

God You Sexy Devil

Published Oct. 2015 

The messiahs of religion, politics, science and technology have failed to “save” us. The outcome: scientists claim that our planet is rapidly hurtling towards the possibility of extinction of life as we know it. 

In God You Sexy Devil, Rohit Juneja reaches out to God and asks why s/he doesn’t help us. God replies with utmost candor in this blasphemous, enlightening and inspirational conversation. God declares that the root cause of our problems is the concept of saviors, cure-alls and the judgmental God archetype upon which we have created our world. When we change the cause, we will change the outcome. 

God reveals him/herself as a beautiful, sexy, fun-loving, non-judgmental and unconditionally loving being. S/he wants to guide us, support us and form a loving, even romantic, connection with each of us. This divine love has the power to save us from our egoic mind, enhance our spirituality as well as our ability to truly love ourselves and each other, and bring peace and harmony to this beautiful world.

Reviews from

"Another amazing book by Rohit. What a gem! Definitely recommend!" — VF

"Rohit's book certainly makes God more tangible & believable than the scripture. I found Rohit's style of writing compelling & entertaining. I highly recommend this to anyone who is open to believing that - anything is possible, including a very frank conversation with God." — Robert Sizeron

"I love about the book is how God is portrayed as a passionate person who happens to be very evolved---he/she is not interested in dominating us. God emphasizes that he/she wants to be unconditionally loved, no sanctimonious strings attached! Gee what a concept, huh! I highly recommend this book to anyone out there who is thirsting for a good dose of reality rather than just more religious gibberish. The book has stirred something mighty powerful in me. " — Unknown

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