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By Rohit Juneja: Spiritual Counselor, Coach, Mentor, Author

Why is self-love so important?

  • Self-love makes every area of your life better.
  • Self-love changes your attitude towards yourself, people and life.
  • Self-love makes you self-assured, optimistic, positive and humble.
  • Self-love helps you choose better friends and partners to share your life with
  • Self-love is the key to unconditional love, acceptance & trust
  • Self-love is the most powerful therapy


Oprah Winfrey

"You don't need another person or thing to make you whole. Loving yourself is the greatest power. You are enough and that's one of the greatest lessons of all time." (Vanity Fair 2/27/18)

Louise Hay

"If we belittle ourselves, life is going to mean very little to us. If we love and appreciate ourselves, then life can be a wonderful, joyous gift." (The Power Is Within You

Barbara De Angelis

"If you aren’t good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you’ll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren’t even giving to yourself."


"Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

Why does self-love seem so difficult?

We were given an incredible mind that functions like a highly sophisticated super computer. Unfortunately:

1) It didn't come with an instruction manual.

2) It was programmed by people (parents, teachers, friends) who either had no idea of what they were doing or were (media, society, religion etc) adept at manipulating it for their own ends.

3) With no single operator, the mind works on auto-pilot creating a virtual-self (the ego), an "inner critic" (the one who judges and beats us up for making mistakes).  

4) Without training on how to tame and operate it, our mind experiences highs and lows, anxiety and fear, self-doubt and low self-esteem, arrogance and narcissism.
We look to people, things and circumstances to fulfill us.
We struggle and work hard for survival, security and happiness.

But is all this working? Are we truly happy, at peace and fulfilled with our life? 

Cultivating authentic, conscious, self-love is a profound, life-altering journey of awakening aspects of yourself that you never knew you had and ways of living that you never imagined possible .

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Experience the most fulfilling, lasting, exciting love affair—within yourself.

Mind on a Leash

Learn how to take charge of and tame your critical, chattering, overactive mind using the power of your Authentic Self: your Soul.

Soulful Meditation

Learn how to create neural pathways in your brain that make meditation effortless and compelling.

Soulful Healing

Learn how to accept yourself with all your flaws, forgive yourself for all your mistakes and release unconscious behavior patterns that are no longer serving you.

Soulful Self-Esteem

Learn how to program your subconscious mind with an unshakeable confidence that arises from the power and magnificence that is innately present within your Soul

Soulful Self-Love

Learn how to experience the most fulfilling, lasting, exciting love affair within yourself.

Soul Power

Learn how to live a vibrant life; be focused, confident and fearless; and be deeply present and passionate as a communicator and lover.

Agape Love

Learn how to become a radiant embodiment of love, bringing unconditional love and acceptance to everyone in the world.

Rohit Juneja

"The 7 Steps to Conscious Self-Love” was created by Rohit Juneja—spiritual innovator, thought leader and best-selling author. He works individually with clients as a spiritual counselor, director, coach.

Rohit has spent more than 40 years studying the secrets of love, from expert mystics, gurus and psychologists all over the world.

He is now excited to share the science and technology by which we can free ourselves from our psychological wounding, awaken our soul—and open the doors to a deeply fulfilled, truly abundant life. 

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"Rohit has an ability to literally SHIFT my perspective and vibration within a couple of minutes. I have learned so much about the true meaning of love, including what self-love REALLY is. He truly lives and embodies what he teaches."


"You allowed me to have some incredible insights, connected the dots, and brought some much needed peace and understanding about events that were previously unresolved in my mind and heart. The clarity I have received is truly a gift." 


"With Rohit's support I have been successfully climbing up the stairs of inner strength, peace and success. He has remarkable, simple and yet profound solutions which make your fears and problems dissolve in no time. I strongly recommend him!"


"When I came to Rohit I was completely broken I had lost my confidence, self-respect, pride and belief in myself. Today I am successful and happy. You have a genuine caring. Your patience and perseverance have helped me be me." 

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Detailed Program

You can't judge, criticize and beat yourself up—and still claim to love yourself. 

Imagine a parent who hits their child and then says, "I had to do it because I love you." Maybe you experienced some version of that. Maybe that's why you do it to yourself. 

The reason most of us struggle with our critical, out-of-control mind is because we haven’t been shown how to stand up to the bully within.

I'll give you simple, powerful tools that will help you be assertive, stand firm and take back power from your critical mind. 

After all, it's your mind, and you need to be the boss of it! Not the other way around! 

However, the mind can't be used to control the mind.

You need a more powerful tool, a superior force or energy—which some of us call the Authentic Self, Consciousness, Soul, Spirit or Higher Self—that knows how to accept you with all your flaws and love you unconditionally. 

The incredible power of the Soul lies untapped within all of us. It has immense practical capabilities.

The most exciting news is that it's not something you have to attain, achieve or become. It's within you, longing to be awakened and established as your true identity—your Authentic Self.

As you learn to live as a Soul—a spiritual being—your life will be transformed from being a constant struggle to a graceful, flowing, blessed journey. 

I've designed a powerful and practical online course to help you discover—and experience—what loving yourself means.

The 7 Steps to Conscious Self-Love:

1. Mind on a Leash: Tame your critical, chattering, overactive mind. 

  • Invite your Soul to awaken and take charge of your mind
  • Train your mind to stop all judgment, criticism and negative thinking
  • Change your self-talk from being fear- and shame-based to tenderhearted and motivational

2. Soulful Meditation: The next level of mindfulness meditation, inspired by the Italian way of living, "La Dolce Vita" (“The Sweet Life”). 

  • Learn meditation practices that integrate effortlessly with your everyday life
  • Create neural pathways in your brain that make meditation effortless and compelling 

3. Soulful Healing: Healing the mind with the mind takes many years of therapy. The Soul has intense healing capabilities that will allow you to love all the wounded, shamed, disowned aspects of yourself; forgive yourself and others; and ultimately lovingly release unconscious behavior patterns that are no longer serving you. 

4. Soulful Self-Esteem: Self-esteem is fragile. When our life turns upside down, as it sometimes does, self-esteem often gets shattered or even destroyed. We tend to lose our confidence, become depressed and feel helpless. Learn to shift your identity from ego to soul, then program your subconscious mind with an unshakeable sense of well-being and confidence that arises from the power and magnificence of the Authentic Self—your Soul.

5. Soulful Self-Love: The mind can’t give you the quality of unconditional acceptance, trust and love that you truly desire. It is by nature conditional and fearful,  and it cares more about being right than being happy or in love. On the other hand, the Soul has the capability of loving you the way you’ve always longed to be loved. It's your ultimate lover—the "one true love" you’ve been looking for.

Experience the most fulfilling, lasting, exciting love affair within yourself. 

6. Soul Power: Discover the amazing power of your Soul and how to use it to:

  • Enhance the pleasure of daily activities and live a vibrant life
  • Become focused, confident and fearless in whatever you do
  • Receive inspiration, wisdom and guidance
  • Creatively express your Higher Self
  • Be deeply present and passionate as a communicator and lover

7. Agape Love: As you learn to love yourself, the people and world around you, you'll also begin to develop a connection with the infinite source of love which some call "God" or the "Universe." As you become one with love, and as love becomes your identity, you'll emerge as a radiant embodiment of the most powerful force in the Universe: unconditional love. Once you've found true love within your Soul, you'll start experiencing it all around you—in everything and everyone. Some have called this experience awakening or enlightenment. The world transforms from a place of suffering to paradise or "heaven on earth." 


Loving Soulfully

Reviews from
"This book is a heartfelt, poetic, truthful and moving account of what's possible in the realm of loving relationships. Rohit's clarity and evolutionary ideas left me with a feeling of expansiveness. I wanted to take my love and widen my circle of relating. The photographs seem to be infused with light. His words feel pulled from a divine mind. Everyone should read this book. The world would be a better place for it." — Carol

"A MUST READ!!! Loving Soulfully by Rohit Juneja profoundly touched my Heart and reminded me of my own LOVE ESSENCE. At times I catch myself not remembering who I really am at my core ... and this book, ohhh, it's MAGIC HEART REconnection!!! This book is PURE LOVE!!! Everyone Read it, Read it!! ♥ " — Selma

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